Aren’t you tired of not being able to concentrate on anything because you’re frustrated?

Frustrated because you’re broke and just plain anxious with all the problems that keep coming your way?

I felt that way before and you do right now.

You’re broke and that gives way to more problems.



You haven’t been a responsible spender.

You have been living way above your means.

And these consequences are affecting everything: your relationship with your loved ones, your work, your thoughts and actions. It’s as if this problem is all that you have.

And you know what? This isn’t the first time you’re broke. …

Dear Hie,


You finally found time to write again. It has been a while since you wrote for yourself.

Remember the reasons why you wrote before?

Writing got you through repressive times as an adolescent, to voice out your feelings without anyone censoring you.

Writing got you awards in school competitions. Writing too became your basic skill in college and at work.

But why did you give up writing for yourself? Honestly?

You gave up writing because you preferred to put your thoughts in the memo app of your phone. …

Photo from Pixabay!

There is not a day in a week that I do not get late!

And you know what?

I am tired of being late! I am getting frustrated because of my tardiness!

Consequences of Tardiness

Being late is stressful because I tend to hurry which makes me awfully clumsy and forgetful. Not to mention I get deducted five pesos for every minute that I am late!

When I know and have a firsthand repeated experience that being late stresses me out and deducts a portion of my hard-earned income, why do I keep on doing it?

Simple. Because it is a habit…

Photo from Pixabay

Living and working away from your loved ones is hard. Maybe for some, they’ll say it’s easy or easier because of some perks like being able to do things on your own time whenever and whomever with, nobody censoring your every move and fewer responsibilities when it comes to household chores because you only have yourself to take care of.

But to be honest, living and working away from home is hard, especially if you have children. As they say, having kids changes one’s perspective when it comes to — everything!


My partner and I decided to find work outside…

Mohines B. Giron

Jesus follower, happy wife, mom to two beautiful girls, enjoys sewing, reading, writing, DIYs, washing clothes, and doing the dishes.

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